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1 PCS/LOTE BSM100GB170DN2 BSM100GB170 100% Brand new original 5pcs/lot AT45DB642D-TU AT45DB642D AT45DB642 TSOP-28 Mxy 100PCS/LOT STM8S003F3P6 TSSOP-20 8S003F3P6 TSSOP20 STM8S003 TSSOP and IC 10pcs AD5390BCPZ-3 AD5390BCP-3 AD5390BCPZ AD5390 10PCS IST8310 LGA-16 silk screen: 010 SDINBDG4-32G BGA EMMC Memory chip SDINBDG4 32G STM32F098RCT6 MCU 32BIT 256KB FLASH 64LQFP [BELLA] New German - security module IM33-22EX-HI / 24VDC spot 5PCS/LOT CY8C5868AXI-LP035 CY8C5868AXI TQFP100 EP3C25Q240C8N ADXL355BEZ Flow switch Flowmeter intelligent flow sensor FL0011 Original XC7K160T-2FBG484C Kintex-7 package FCBGA-484 programmable FPGA K3RG3G3OMM-MGCH K3RG3G30MM-MGCH K3RG3G30MM MGCH Cell phone memory v23136-b0006-x080 500pcs BS83C24-3 28SSOP ic Electronics Electronic Components Integrated Circuits Active 8-Bit Touch Key Flash Free shiping 10PCS/LOT QFP MB95F108AKWPMC-GE1 MB95F118AWPV2-G-SPE1 MB90574CPFV-G-427-BND MB91F376G MB90F395HA shipping XCF16PVOG48C EP4CGX110DF27I7N FBGA-672 -FPGA CA-YD-140 piezoelectric accelerometer General vibration velocity impact 2pC/g charge type PE TPS16630RGER authentic sensors JR-S200CP EP2C70F672I8N Package BGA672 Spot ALTERA editable EP3C80F484I7N FBGA-484 ADA4870ARRZ ADA4870ARR 1A STM32F217VET6 512KB 100LQFP STM32F437VGT7 1MB PT78742 6A/250VAC Please note clearly the model RMD05048 30A/48VDC1-1393146-0 80.063.4001.1 6A 24VDCWIELAND ELECTRIC Static, non continuous rotation torque measurement control TJN-3 1000~500 Distributed Pressure transducer pressure distribution FSR collection weighing film No.2961451 230V XC2S400E-6FTG256C FBGA-256 PIC32MX460F512L-80I/PT PIC32MX460F512L qfp100 5pcs 2pcs AMIS42770ICAW1RG AMIS42770ICAW-N AMIS42770 SOP-20 PA85A PA85 CAN8 Development board S32K148EVB-Q176 1piece 500PCS HT46RB70 48SSOP XC7Z100-1FFG900I XILINX C8051F321 C8051F321-GMR QFN-28 XC95288XL-7PQG208I QFP208 CPLD- 10pcs/lot LQFP100 ADV7612BSWZ UCC28950PWR UCC28950 TSSOP-24 SMD Switch Controller In Stock NEW 5Pcs/Lot XC3S400-4FGG456I XC3S400 series Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) 264 294912 8064 456-BBGA AD6620ASZ AD6620AS AD6620 QFP80 FZ1200R12KF5 MT29128G08CFAAAWP:A TSOP MICRON import EOCR motor protector EOCR-PFZ pces/lote ET1100-0003 BGA-128 novo e 1-50 PCS STM32F103RDT6 LQFP-64 STM32F103 32-bit Microcontroller-microcontroller Chip Customization of Transducer for Ultrasound Ranging Sensor Ambrella DYA-21-30C TIM5359-45SL RF tube High Frequency Power amplification ATMEGA644P-20AU ATMEGA644P 20AU 8BIT 64KB TQFP44 Best quality AD22293Z-RL7 AD22293Z IS61WV51232BLL-10BLI PIC18F67J60-I/PT PIC18F67J60 18F67J60 64TQFP (10) Aoweziic BOM professional electronic components one-stop ( please inquire price ) -- only sell imported IXLF19N250A 19N250A 32A/2500V Shipping 1PCS ISO AD A08-485 data logger 8 isolated bus converter.

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